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Our expertise

Syreon is a leading technology-driven Contract Research Organization (CRO) combining elite biomedical sciences, advanced information technologies and global clinical trial networks to speed the evaluation of new drugs, diagnostics and medical devices and guide safe, effective and cost-efficient clinical use.

Our clients

Syreon partners with elite biotech companies and top-20 global pharmaceutical corporations, providing expert clinical research services to identify therapeutic needs, streamline drug investigation, monitor clinical use and define economic value in today's competitive health environment.

Personalized medicine

Target the latest advances in genomics, proteomics and molecular sciences as predictive biomarkers and companion diagnostics for therapeutic targeting, trial stratification and population segmentation.

Clinical trials

Leverage innovative clinical trial designs, skilled investigator networks, and advanced data sciences to accelerate critical trials for stem cell therapies, novel biologicals and pharmaceuticals, and refine or reposition drug use across key disease areas.

Outcomes research

Draw on thousands of highly skilled research sites in over 40 countries for large-scale studies to examine therapeutic needs, disease burden, treatment options and comparative effectiveness in rigorous population-based research programs.

Health economics

Monitor resource utilization and costs, define healthcare benefit and therapeutic value, and develop comprehensive budget strategies to ensure products are optimally priced for rapid market uptake and are tightly aligned with payer and provider needs in target countries.

Disease registries

Examine genetic profile, clinical risk factors, disease progress, current therapeutic strategies, health outcomes and economic consequences across hundreds of international sites to understand the basis of rare or complex diseases, analyze care and guide therapeutic research.

Big Data analysis

Employ high-performance statistical methods and predictive analytics to explore national and international data sets linking genomics, clinical course, health outcomes and economics to define critical relationships, uncover hidden patterns and guide future research strategies.